Recording vinyl to your computer

A phono stage is vital for listening to vinyl. Some of our inbuilt external ones also let you plug into your computer to record your vinyl. Want to make use of it but don't know how? Well let's break it down.

Our Debut Carbon is a star at GOMA's Seen + Heard Exhibition

Music culture, vinyl and art mix at this eclectic exhibition in Brisbane.

Looking back on Record Store Day

Before we start counting down the days to RSD 2014 (which is still ages away - April 19) we thought we'd take a walk down memory lane.

Sure, vinyl is coming back. But why?

Well, is it back or isn't it? Let's discuss how, why and where it's at now.

The Age talks vinyl revival with Pro-Ject founder Heinz Lichtenegger

The man himself, Heinz Lichtenegger, recounts the evolution of Pro-Ject with The Age: Digital Life.

Ever wondered how a record is made?

The process of making records has changed a lot over the years.

Quick start guide to buying vinyl

There are lots of people out there that would love to get into vinyl but find the equipment and culture a bit intimidating.

Turntables, amps and speakers - what you need to get going

It's hard to figure out exactly what you need and what you don't. Never fear - the Pro-Ject Audio team is here to help you out!

Balancing your tonearm for the best results

Balancing a tonearm correctly may seem like a challenging operation, but making sure it's done well is a surefire way to improve sound quality.

Founder and president Heinz Lichtenegger is in town

Australasian Pro-Ject fans - there's a whole lot to be excited about in the coming year.