2Xperience SB DC with 2M Silver Cartridge



The latest version of our classic turntable reaches new performance levels 

The 2Xperience SB DC is based on the 2Xperience belt-drive concept which incorporates over 20 years of turntable design experience. The addition of a precision DC motor control, electronic speed changing and the high end 9cc Evolution carbon fibre tonearm results in vastly improved playback quality unheard of at this price point.

The heavy chassis is made from MDF using a non-resonant construction technique. The turntable platter is built with heavy, non-resonant materials in a precisely balanced sandwich configuration. A layer of reused vinyl records acts as the perfect turntable mat. A threaded and light-weight record clamp eliminates unwanted record vibration and rumbling of the main platter bearing. 

The audio performance of the final product benefits from the multi-layered resonance-free platter - avoiding the ringing effect inherrent with metal and glass platters. The 2Xperience SB DC is not only equipped with a class leading tonearm, but comes pre-fitted with the Ortofon 2M Silver magnetic cartridge. This exclusive to Pro-Ject audio cartridge makes use of silver voice coils for a truly revealing and engaging audio experience. A protective acrylic dust cover is also included.

  • Belt drive system with synchronous motor
  • Electronic speed control with 33/45 rpm speed change
  • High mass precision balanced sandwich platter with vinyl mat
  • Threaded record clamp tightens record to platter
  • Inverted main platter bearing made 
  • Advanced Ortofon 2M Silver cartridge featuring silver spools for ultimate fidelity 
  • 9” Carbon EVO tonearm with Evo Kardan rings 
  • Gold-plated RCA interconnect cable  
  • Special turntable feet for effective decoupling


Speed 33, 45 (electronic speed change)
Principle belt drive
Speed variance ∓ 0.5%
Wow & flutter ∓ 0.08%
Platter 300mm
Main bearing stainless steel
Tonearm 9” Carbon EVO
Effective arm length 230 mm
Overhang 18.0 mm
Effective tonearm mass 8.5g
Tracking force range 10 - 30mn (2M 18mn recommended)
Included accessories 15 volts DC /0.8A power supply, dust cover
Power consumption 4.0 watts max /< 0.5 watt standby
Dimensions 460 x 160 x 360mm (WxHxD)
Weight 7.7 kg net weight