Xtension 9 Evolution



Superlative vinyl performance from a compact, luxurious turntable.

We consider our Xtension 9 Evolution quite an achievement. We've managed to incorporate all our turntable design experience from more than 20 years in to a high end, slim-line size to fit standard audio racks. The Xtension 9 chassis is made from MDF filled with metal granulate for high mass that virtually nulls resonance. Magnetic feet, which decouple the main plinth from its base, are combined with a weighty 16kg total turntable mass. The result is a unique combination of 'mass loaded' and 'floating turntable' design principles.

Instead of pure metal for the main platter, we've found a perfect alloy which we've damped with thermo plastic elastomers (TPE). Additionally we've glued recycled Vinyl records to the top (which act as a perfect mat) and baked this 'sandwich' before precision balancing it. The final product subsequently benefits from a wonderfully resonance-free, heavy platter, that runs ultra-silently on an inverted ceramic ball bearing with magnetic suspension. Our Xtension 9 Evolution includes a top-class 9cc Evolution tonearm and comes complete with a dust cover.

  • Heavy 16 kg belt drive turntable  
  • Mass loaded magnetic floating subchassis  
  • Precision balanced sandwich platter  
  • Inverted ceramic ball bearing with magnetic support  
  • Heavy weight record clamp  
  • MDF chassis filled with metal granulate with low levels of resonance and high mass  
  • Electronic speed control between 33 and 45 RPM  
  • 9cc Evolution tonearm made from carbon fibre  
  • Inverted tonearm bearings (ABEC 7 quality)  


Speed 33 / 45 rpm (electronic speed change)
Acrylic dust cover yes
Pro-Ject tonearm cable included Connect it 5P-C
Aluminium feet Magnetic supported & TPE damped
Turntable main bearing damping heavy weight metal block
Max. speed variance ±0.09%
Max. wow and flutter ±0.01%
Rumble -71dB
Platter weight/diameter 5.4 kg/300mm
Platter puck weight 800g
Effective arm length / overhang 230mm / 18mm
Effective tonearm mass 8.5g
Tracking force range 0-25mN
Cartridge weight range 4 - 14g (4 different counterweights included)
External power supply (prim/sec) 220 - 240V/50Hz / 15V/1600mA DC
Power consumption 4W (max.) / < 1 watt standby
Dimensions WxHxD 465 x 185 x 3500 mm lid closed
Weight 16kg