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Recording vinyl to your computer

A phono stage is vital for listening to vinyl. Some of our inbuilt external ones also let you plug into your computer to record your vinyl. Want to make use of it but don't know how? Well let's break it down.

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Our Debut Carbon is a star at GOMA's Seen + Heard Exhibition

Music culture, vinyl and art mix at this eclectic exhibition in Brisbane.

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Looking back on Record Store Day

Before we start counting down the days to RSD 2014 (which is still ages away - April 19) we thought we'd take a walk down memory lane.

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The Pro-Ject Story

Pro-Ject Audio has been reviving music since 1990. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, when factories were closing in droves, founder Heinz Lichtenegger bought a turntable factory in the small Czech town of Litovel. Retaining the experienced staff and re-imagining classic turntable designs, we went to work constructing low cost, design-oriented turntables that would help people rediscover music the way it should be.

We're still working with the same staff out of the same small factory in Litovel. We've kept revising our low cost options for the easiest use, best sound and cleanest finish. But we also build midrange and high end turntables... and a whole lot more.

We don't expect you to believe everything we say. You've got no reason to trust us, so don't. Look up reviews and ask your friends. We're talked about and reviewed positively, and for good reason. Whether you're after a cheap and easy 'table, a high end award winner or quality hi-fi equipment, you'll keep coming across one name. That's Pro-Ject Audio.